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Rockwall Urgent Care & Royse City Urgent Care are voted the BEST!

Living Magazine recently published its 2021 Readers Choice Awards (Lakeside Edition). Each year, their August BEST OF issue identifies after popular vote the best companies in the area, including the cities of Rockwall, Royse City, Rowlett, Heath, Fate, and McClendon-Chisholm.

Everyone at Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care would like to thank area residents for selecting them BEST URGENT CARE for the 8th time.

The clinics’ Director of Operations, Liz Wiley, FNP-BC, shared her thoughts on the most recent win. “On behalf of the owners, management, and staff, let me say how deeply honored we are to be awarded Best Urgent Care once again. We’re humbled and pleased to be chosen for the 8th year in a row. To us, being the best urgent care in Rockwall means providing exceptional, quality care, first and foremost. We also strive to exceed patients’ expectations with every visit. Finally, we continue to grow and expand to continually keep up with what our community needs, whether that be occupational medicine or telemedicine. But it all comes back to the patient experience; we promise to treat you like family.”

Since 2010, Rockwall Urgent Care has strived to treat patients with the care they deserve. With the addition of Royse City Urgent Care, the clinic was able to better serve the communities east of Rockwall with a full-service occupational medicine department, which provides workman’s compensation and employer provided services, such as drug testing and pre-employment screenings. The friendly staff at both clinics is second to none, both in the care they provide and in their professionalism. Each facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including digital x-ray. The clinics are conveniently located and have hours that work for families.

“At the risk of sounding cliché, even after being voted the best for seven years in a row, we’re still surprised—and quite pleased—when we find out we’ve won. To us, it means patients in this area have faith in our mission and our ability to care for them,” said Leslie Wilson, Marketing Director. “We can’t thank the community enough for their vote of confidence in both Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care, especially considering the increased competition east of the lake. Over the past 11 years, we’ve worked hard to cultivate relationships with the schools, sporting venues, businesses and municipalities in the area, and we value the partnerships we’ve built—and will continue to build. And we believe this ‘win’ shows how much the community values our efforts.”

Reminder: Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care are open 7 days a week:

  • Monday – Friday 8:oo a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Saturday – Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Everybody Loves Hayward

A Profile of Hayward Johnson, PA-C at Rockwall and Royse City Urgent Care

Hayward Johnson, PA-CAs a marketing person new to the medical world, I once called Hayward Johnson to ask whether he could see a patient ahead of others who were waiting. “The daughter-in-law of a good friend of mine has a rash and needs to be treated right away. Can you bump her up in the line?”

“No, I don’t show anyone preferential treatment. I don’t care if the Queen of England walks through our doors. Unless she has a dire medical emergency, I’ll see her when her turn comes.”

That response told me just about everything I needed to know about Hayward Johnson, PA-C, Lead Provider and Practice Manager at Rockwall Urgent Care—namely that he values integrity.

Hayward came from an ER background and notes that the fast-track part of the ER is similar to urgent care. He has been with Rockwall Urgent Care for ten years.

Though his days are almost always fast-paced, he still gets excited to go to work, primarily because of the degree of autonomy given him as a provider. The trust shown him is clearly warranted.

Johnson said his favorite things about working at Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care are the family atmosphere, the friendships he’s made with fellow staff members and patients, and how much the employees care about their patients. That caring goes both ways. I hear from people all over the area about how highly they think of Hayward. One friend who spoke on the condition of anonymity said he always tries to schedule non-urgent visits to the clinic on days when Hayward is working.

And, speaking of that, what does Hayward think about the clinics’ contributions in the Rockwall, Heath, Royse City and Fate areas? We have played an important role in this community since we opened in 2010. We’ve offered free or reduced-rate athletic physicals, we’ve supported Rockwall-area students through donations to school groups, and we’ve supported local non-profit groups through food and toy drives. “It’s great to serve an appreciative community,” says Hayward.

Naturally, COVID-19 continues to be on nearly everyone’s minds. Hayward had this to say about the clinics’ role, “Through our testing and evaluation of COVID, we should be able to help our community adapt to a new normal.”

Personally speaking, Hayward cannot contain his pride in his family, nor should he. “My wife is a special education teacher, and both sons are in the Army National Guard. My oldest son is a personal trainer and a professional dancer/instructor. And my youngest son has a degree in chemistry and biology and works as a clinical lab scientist. He plans on attending medical school.”

Both Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care are fortunate to have Hayward Johnson, PA-C, as a valuable part of their provider team.

By Leslie Wilson, Marketing Director, Rockwall Urgent Care

Rockwall Urgent Care Presents New Director of Operations

Liz Wiley, Director of Operations

The owners of Rockwall Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine are pleased to announce that Liz Wiley, FNP-BC, has joined their team as the new Director of Operations for both the Rockwall and Royse City locations.

Wiley brings a combined 15 years of experience in urgent care, primary care, long-term acute care, and hospice care.

Her new role will include managing the clinic staff and overseeing day-to-day processes at both Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care. Managing two clinics that are open 8-12 hours a day seven days a week will require time, skill, and effort. But Wiley is up to the task, primarily because of the people who work at Rockwall Urgent Care. “The RUC staff has been very welcoming. I believe hospitality and kindness are difficult to teach. Either you have it or you don’t. We can teach people skills that are required for any task or job, but it’s also important that our staff have the customer service skills that our patients need and deserve. Thankfully, our staff possesses these qualities.”

Wiley is excited about her new position at the clinic. When I asked about her favorite things about the clinics, she promptly answered, “The marketing director.” OK, maybe someone was putting words in her mouth on that one . . . She actually stated, “The staff is second to none. They’re trained to work in the front and back, which gives the clinic a lot of flexibility. Rockwall Urgent Care hires and retains great people which says a lot about their high standards. The turnover here is quite low—unusual in the healthcare industry. The locations are convenient and easily accessible, and the clinic hours are well-suited for the area.” It’s clear Wiley is proud of the people and entities she represents.

Here’s the bottom line: Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care are lucky to have Liz Wiley heading up their clinic operations. She’s the perfect fit.

Royse City Urgent Care Welcomes Back Army Captain William “Allen” Nicholas


Contact: Leslie Wilson
Marketing Director
Rockwall Urgent Care
Phone: 214-505-5336


Rockwall Logo

810 E. Ralph Hall Parkway, Suite 100
 Rockwall, TX  75032
469-402-3400 (phone)
469-402-1294 (fax)

Captain William Allen Nicholas

(Rockwall, TX)—June 5, 2020. Please join the owners and staff at Rockwall and Royse City Urgent Care in welcoming back William Nicholas, PA, to Royse City Urgent Care. Captain Nicholas has been deployed with the U.S. Army in the United Arab Emirates for the last eight months serving as a Physician Assistant. We are so grateful for his service to our country but we’re also happy to have him back at the clinic.


Captain Nicholas’ worked as a PA, and his responsibilities included coordinating and running in-service clinics with a trainer. Together, they helped provide tips for soldiers to improve performance and help prevent injury. After President Trump ordered the strike on Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, Nicholas was tasked with coordinating mass casualty exercises with the coalition medical forces. While deployed in the U.A.E., Nicholas treated multiple patients, some of whom experienced very serious conditions, including kidney stones, DVT (deep vein thrombosis), and pericarditis. He also assisted in coronavirus management.

The team did more than just work while deployed. Nicholas played guitar during his down time to help him relax. His favorite MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) was chili mac, but he didn’t enjoy the veggie omelet nearly as much. When asked what three things he missed the most about home, Nicholas answered quickly, “My family, working, and good American food.” After missing them for eight months, he’s eager to spend time with his family, including going on vacation later this summer.

The team at both Royse City Urgent Care and Rockwall Urgent Care are thankful Captain Nicholas has returned safely. We are grateful to have him as an integral part of our medical team, and we’re proud of the sacrifices he’s made on behalf of our nation.

COVID Testing at Rockwall Urgent Care

COVID-19 Testing Now AvailableTo all of our Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care patients and future patients,
We hope you and your families are staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Shelter at Home directives. This certainly is an unusual time for our city, state, nation, and world.

The owners and staff of Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care want the community to know we are still open 7 days a week and are available to care for you and your family members. To keep you and your family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, both clinics have implemented changes, including safe check-in procedures and COVID-19 testing. We are still helping patients via our user-friendly Telemedicine option. And, if you or someone you know owns a business, we can help in the area of Occupational Medicine, as well.


With regard to patients who need to be seen for injuries or other illnesses, we are being proactive at both clinics. Khristina Pierce, Clinic Manager, shared information about the new check-in procedure. “We are asking patients to call the front desk to ‘check-in’ virtually from their cars and wait in their vehicles until we call them back to an exam room.”

The staff is thoroughly sanitizing the patient rooms in-between visits and wearing appropriate PPE when interacting with patients.


Both Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care are now offering COVID-19 testing. Dr. Scott Pierce, Medical Director, says, “We have recently obtained quality COVID-19 testing kits that will meet multiple needs of our community. These tests, which we send to a lab for processing, will provide test results in approximately 1-3 days. Anyone who may have COVID-19 symptoms—such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and fatigue—should call Rockwall Urgent Care or Royse City Urgent Care upon arrival. The clinic has taken proper safety and cleaning precautions to ensure the wellbeing of patients who think they may have COVID-19, our staff, and our other patients.”

With regard to concerns about COVID-19, Dr. Pierce assures patients, “Please know that we are monitoring new information on a daily basis and responding with protocols that protect both our patients and our staff while still allowing us to deliver the same quality care we always have.”


First of all, the Telemedicine option means patients may visit with a provider from their homes and have a virtual appointment using their smart phone, iPad or computer. Patients may be seen for many minor illnesses or injuries, including dental pain, eye pain, headaches, nausea and vomiting, rashes, seasonal allergies, upper respiratory infections, and more. Both clinics opened the telemedicine department nearly a year ago, so we are fully operational and ready to offer patients a virtual appointment.

A Telemedicine visit is only $75, no insurance required. Visit the website at, and click on “Telemedicine Check-In.”


If you or someone you know owns a business in the area, the Occupational Medicine Department is still fully operational and meeting the needs of businesses and municipalities in the area. We can offer telemedicine appointments, particularly for medical re-checks, and COVID-19 testing for employees as they return to the workplace.

“The Lake Ray Hubbard community has chosen us Best Urgent Care for six years in a row, and these protocols—Telemedicine, COVID-19 testing, Occupational Medicine—are just part of the reason why,” says Leslie Wilson, Marketing Director. “We work quickly to adapt to the needs of our patients and the effects of any given situation.”

The clinics, including the Telemedicine Department, have amended clinic hours during the COVID-19 pandemic: 7 days a week 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The Occupational Medicine Department is open Monday – Friday 10a – 5p. Please call the front desk if you have any questions: 469-402-3400.

Now Offering Flu Shots at all Three Urgent Care Clinics – Rockwall, Royse City and Plano

Flu Shot GraphicCan you believe we are now in flu season? And the question is, have you had your flu shot yet? If not, we’ve got you covered. Our clinics are currently offering flu vaccines for only $25.00. No appointment is ever needed; just stop by any three of our clinics located in Rockwall, Royse City, or Plano.

Influenza ranks high on the list of infectious diseases, and it’s doubly threatening because it spreads so quickly. Many people don’t realize the serious complications that can accompany the flu, sometimes even death. But the annual flu vaccine helps reduce the chances that you’ll succumb to seasonal flu.
Therefore, keep you and your family protected this season with an annual flu shot for $25.

Rockwall Urgent Care is located at 810 E. Ralph Hall Parkway and is open 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. weekdays, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Royse City Urgent Care is located at 576 Interstate Hwy 30 and is open 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. weekdays, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Plano Urgent Care is located at 901 W. 15th Street and is open 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. weekdays, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Did you know we now offer Telemedicine? Visit our website for more information at

Rockwall Urgent Care Now Offers Telemedicine

doctor graphicOnline medical consultation available from the comfort of your home or office.

(Rockwall, TX)—Rockwall Urgent Care has done it again. In 2014, they opened Plano Urgent Care to serve patients in the central and east Plano areas. In 2015, they opened the first full-service occupational medicine department in Rockwall. 2017 brought the opening of Royse City Urgent Care. Plus, they’ve been voted BEST URGENT CARE by readers of Living Magazine for five years in a row. Now most recently, Rockwall Urgent Care and partner clinics, Plano Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care, have added a Telemedicine department, through which they offer virtual appointments during their regular business hours, seven days a week.

“We try to offer cutting edge medical options that make things easier and more convenient for our patients, whether that be through occupational medicine or telemedicine,” says Dr. Scott Pierce, Rockwall Urgent Care’s Medical Director. “The telemedicine component means that our patients can conference with a provider online—and never have to leave their home.”

Leslie Wilson, Rockwall Urgent Care’s Marketing Director, adds, “Telemedicine will work particularly well for people whose children get sick at school, but the parents can’t get them into the doctor’s office the same day, or for someone who’s sprained an ankle and doesn’t want to have to get out of the house.”

Consider the following benefits of Rockwall Urgent Care’s new telemedicine department:

• Be seen from the comfort of your own home or when traveling.
• $75 cash price for all virtual appointments
• Same trusted medical providers seen at Rockwall Urgent Care
• All you need is a computer, phone, tablet or similar device with a microphone and webcam.
• Access Telemedicine on our website.

The clinic encourages patients to utilize telemedicine for quick treatments and requests, such as prescription refills, a follow-up to a recent visit, or urgent treatment for a minor medical issue. Telemedicine visits are available for the low price of $75.00. The clinic is working to add Telemedicine to its insurance plans, as well.

Telemedicine is available 7 days a week (M-F 9a-9p and Sat-Sun 9a-6p) at all three clinics—Rockwall Urgent Care, Plano Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care.

June Press Release

An image showing off information regarding a Toiletry Drive.From June 1-August 31, 2019, Rockwall Urgent Care will sponsor a toiletry drive to benefit Lake Pointe Church’s Choice Day Food Pantry. Patients who donate three toiletry items will receive $10.00 off their athletic physical exam during the months of June, July, and August.

Final price for sports and camp physicals is just $15.00, instead of the usual $25.00. NOTE: The reduced-rate physicals for camp or athletics are available for students K-12 only, not college students or adults.

Please donate toiletry essentials (soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, deodorant, and feminine hygiene products), baby formula and diapers, if at all possible. Since diapers and baby formula are more expensive, student-athletes need to bring in only one of them to get the $10.00 discount.”

Students and athletes need to bring the following items with them in order to complete their athletic physical:

  • Physical form from their respective school or school district
  • Corrective eyewear (contacts or glasses), if applicable, for the vision screening
  • Student ID
  • 3 items to donate (toiletry items; canned food—NO expired food, please; diapers and baby formula
  • $15.00 for the sports’ physical

No appointment needed. Just stop in any time Rockwall Urgent Care is open:

  • Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • Saturday-Sunday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Seasonal Allergy Tips

Spring FlowersSpring is here—the beautiful time of year when flowers bloom and allergies emerge for their seasonal attack. Runny noses, congestion, sneeze after sneeze after sneeze, itchy eyes, itchy noses and itchy throats all tell those who suffer from seasonal allergies just what time of year it is, without even a glance at the calendar. As you enter into the springtime battle of perfect weather and impossible symptoms, here are some seasonal allergy tips to help you in your fight.

  1. Ditch ‘Em at the Door. When you arrive home, leave your shoes by the door in order to avoid dragging allergens everywhere you walk inside. Also be sure to make a quick change from the clothes you wore outside which are likely covered in pollen as well.
  2. Clean Hair, Clean Air. Showering off and scrubbing your hair before you go to bed each evening will be a huge help. Washing your hair will get rid of any excess allergens that got stuck in your hair throughout the day, and more importantly will keep those allergens off your pillow. Pollen collecting on your pillow is straight shot towards a stuffy nose in the morning.
  3. Closed-Window Policy. While it’s wonderful and relaxing to leave doors and windows open on sunny and 75 degree days, this might be a luxury the allergy-prone should abstain from. The less pollen and allergens that make their way into your house, the better.
  4. Wind is Not Your Friend. Wind may not be your friend, but the weather forecast is. Stay up to date with the weather each day, and avoid spending time outdoors on dry, windy days. The aftermath of a rainy day is your best bet for spending time outside because a great deal of pollen will have been cleared from the air.
  5. Let’s Talk Strategy. As previously mentioned, weather forecasts are immensely helpful, especially the pollen count forecasts and current pollen levels. Strategically plan outdoor outings during the late afternoon or evening when pollen counts are not as high. It’s also important to strategically avoid yard work or other outdoor physical activity that could potentially fire up your allergies during this time of year. If these activities are unavoidable then consider wearing a filter mask during your time outside.
  6. Ease and Relieve. Head to your local drugstore and try out a few new symptom relievers if your go-to meds aren’t doing the trick this year. Speaking of tricks, gargling salt water once or twice a day during allergy season is also a great way to help ease your congestion or scratchy throat.

Don’t let seasonal allergies keep you from enjoying spring!



Rockwall Urgent Care to Create Wall of Heroes

Rockwall Urgent Care will start an initiative in 2019 to honor veterans and active duty personnel and first responders (police, firefighters and paramedics) who have ties to Rockwall, Texas.

Several of the employees at Rockwall Urgent Care have military backgrounds and the clinic works with first responders on a regular basis, so Rockwall Urgent Care appreciates the commitment and sacrifice these professionals make each day. The goal is to spotlight these members of our community and acknowledge their service.

How to Participate:

We ask that residents and businesses nominate relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers who fit this category. Please contact Rockwall Urgent Care by email at and you will be sent a short questionnaire to complete.  Along with the questionnaire, please send a 4 x 6 photo (electronic is fine) of your nominee.

The marketing department will contact the nominees in advance of publicizing them (on our Facebook page and in our newsletter) as the Veteran of the Month or First Responder of the Month.

Rockwall Urgent Care’s Wall of Heroes will begin in March of 2019.

Rockwall Urgent Care is a state-of-the art urgent care clinic located on Ralph Hall Parkway in Rockwall, Texas.  Locally owned and operated, Rockwall Urgent Care is open seven (7) days a week and capable of handling minor emergencies ranging from a sore throat to a broken ankle.  Pediatric, adult and senior patients all welcome and most insurances accepted.